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Around the Wrist

View Detail Retro 2-colour bracelet
An attractive 1940s triple-link bracelet, the outer links in green gold, and the centre links in red gold, and bearing Austrian control marks for 14k. The bracelet is 7 1/4 iches: 18.5 cms and weighs 20.3 grams. I am offering this bracelet at an ...

PRICE : £ 1,200.00
View Detail Egyptian revival bangle
A very unusual bangle in the Egyptian Revival taste, reportedly made in France, testing as 18ct, but without French marks. The front bears a scarab beetle, inlaid with lapis-lazuli, rolling a ball representing the sun, as without which the sun wou...

PRICE : £ 2,400.00
View Detail Victorian emerald bracelet
late Victorian/Edwardian bracelet circa 1890/1910 set with five fine quality Colombian emeralds, with old-cut diamonds in a laurel surround, on reeded linked bracelet. The bracelet has no marks other than 750 (18ct) stamped on the tongue, and was ...

PRICE : £ 11,500.00
View Detail Etruscan Revival bracelet
This very unusual bracelet consists of  finely woven gold rope-work, to which is attached five graduated Russian malachite ball pendants. It is very much in the Etruscan Revival taste originating in Italy from the mid 19th century, and probab...

PRICE : £ 1,650.00
View Detail diamond line bracelet
 Modern diamond line bracelets, now often called tennis bracelets, set in white gold, are turned out in thousands in Bankok and Hong Kong. This is a rare original Belle Epoque example, made circa 1910 by the New York jewellers Marcus & Co...

PRICE : £ 11,500.00
View Detail Retro cornelian and chrysoprase bracelet
  American 1940s or 'Retro' bracelet set with large sugar-loaf cabochons of chrysoprase and cornelian betwenn fetter links, testing as 14ct, the usual American standard. The 'crab-claw' clasp, also stamped 585 - 14ct - is probably a later ad...

PRICE : £ 1,850.00
View Detail Gold-mining bangle
STOCK NO : H8810
Quite a lot of gold-mining jewellery was produced during the various gold-rushes of the late 19th century in America, Australia and South Africa.  Some were made locally, but I believe many were made in Birmingham, the centre for inexpensive ...

PRICE : £ 330.00
View Detail Sapphire and diamond festoon bracelet
1970s bracelet in a design of interwoven festoons of diamond-set laurel leaves and bright blue sapphires. This is a very traditional traditional design, dating back at least to the 18th century, if not to the classical garlands worn by Roman emper...

PRICE : £ 4,950.00
View Detail Van Cleef & Arpels bangle
A very attractive and wearable hinged stiff bangle by the famous French jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels   It is of rope-twist design, enhanced at the front by three bands of diamonds, with an estimated total weight of 2 carats - th...

PRICE : £ 6,950.00
View Detail Edwardian diamond & natural pearl bracelet/choker
STOCK NO : H8695
This beautiful Edwardian or Belle Epoque bracelet was made around 1910.  With the use of platinum as the metal of choice for high qality jewellery, the 'all-white' look using only diamonds and pearls became fashionable.  Cultured pearls ...

PRICE : £ 10,950.00
View Detail multi-row emerald bead, emerald and diamond bracelet
This impressive and attractive bracelet, of fairly recent manufacture, is formed of eleven rows of facetted emerald beads, with a central slide-together snap tested as 18ct white gold and set with around a carat of brilliant-cut diamonds, and 45 c...

PRICE : £ 4,950.00
View Detail Edwardian diamond and natural pearl bracelet
This attractive, elegant and eminently wearable bracelet was made circa 1910, at a period when jewellers were still using a 'sandwich' of an 18ct gold back with a platinum front, a throw-back to the time when the only white metal available to jewe...

PRICE : £ 3,950.00
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