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Belle Epoque Pansy Brooch
£ 1,500.00

The beautiful pansy brooch was made in America - probably in Newport, Rhode Island - around 1900.  American jewellers were particularly skillful enamellers, and the quality of enamelling at this period has never been surpassed.

Pansies are a symbol of love - from the French 'pensez a moi' - 'think of me' and here we have three of them, each centred by a small diamond.  One petal is stamped on the back 14K - 14 carat - and the brooch has a roll-over safety catch.

These brooches are now hard to find, especially in 100% perfect condition, as this one is, with no enamel damage.  It is apporoximately 2 inches:5 cms in height.


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