Attractive pair of amethyst drop earrings, the amethysts set into a pretty border of scrolls and foliage, with white gold and tiny diamond accents. I suspect that originally the posts were attached directly to the small scroll motifs at the top, and that the oval gold plates and clip fittings were added later, as the tops would have been too small to attach the clips directly. However, as with all earrings, the fittings can be adapted to your requirements. It is also quite difficult to date these earrings. They are Victorian in design, but their probable date is the 1950s. One amethyst is a little lighter than the other, but it's not important as it is impossible to see both ears at the same time-did you know that? Ignoring the later-added gold plates, the earrings are 1 1/2 inches: 40 mm long.