Egyptian Revival Earrings


A unique pair of Egyptian Revival earrings, using 3000 year old mummy beads and with central Djed pillars. The beads and pillars are shabti, a blue-glazed earthenware used extensively in ancient Egypt for charms, figurines, amulets and these so-called mummy beads, which encased Egyptian mummies in a network. Djed pillars have a number of interpretations but are generally held to represent Osiris -try googling 'djed pillar' for more information. Three main periods of Egyptian Revival are circa 1805 with Napoleon's invasion and exploration of Egypt; the opening of the Suez canal by the Empress Eugenie in 1869, for which Verdi wrote Aida; and the discovery of Tutankhamen in 1923. These earrings probably date from then, and are 4 inches long, so make a statement! Height: 4 inches: 10 cms