This beautiful Edwardian or Belle Epoque bracelet was made around 1910. With the use of platinum as the metal of choice for high qality jewellery, the 'all-white' look using only diamonds and pearls became fashionable. Cultured pearls had not yet been marketed and so natural pearls were the only ones available. These had to be dived for by native divers, without breathing aids, usually in the Persian gulf, then sorted for size and colour. Consequently they were as valuable as diamonds, sometimes more so. All the pearls shown are natural. The central panel, pave-set with diamonds and pearls, is jointed in two places to conform to the wrist, and the bracelet pearls attach to the central panel with screw fittings. At extra cost, we could supply additional fittings and cultured pearls to enable this bracelet to be worn alternatively as a choker.