This striking brooch I have named 'Sunshine and Clouds' with the golden sun-rays, diamond-capped, appearing from the stormy cabochon sapphire and citrine cloud. Fanciful? Maybe! This substantial brooch was made in the 1940s, in 18ct tested yellow gold set with diamonds, and with cabochon sapphires and facetted oval citrines. It is very much in the style of the American jeweller Seaman Schepps, and I believe the brooch fitting has been changed, and the signature lost with it. On the other hand, other well-known makers were working at this period in a similar style. It is not priced as a signed piece. The brooch is approximately 3 inches: 75 mm across at its widest point, and with a gross weight of 50.1 grams- 1.6 ounces.