A beautiful Edwardian or Belle Epoque period brooch, in that typically fine and delicate workmanship which was enabled by the general use of platinum in jewellery from around 1900. Platinum is a much harder metal than silver, which was the only white metal previously in use for diamond jewellery, so mounts could be made much lighter and more delicate. The design of the brooch borrows something from the Art Nouveau style with its curves. The centre diamond is approximately 0.7 of a carat, and the remainder totals approximately 1 1/2 carats - but this jewellery is sold on its beauty, period and design, not raw diamond content. The brooch is 1 3/4 inches: 45 mm across, and slightly more top to bottom. It has a screw-in detachable brooch fitting, and we could supply a row of pearls to turn it into a very attractive necklace.