An extraordinary silver ring by the designer and silversmith Karel Bartosik, bearing London hall-marks for 1972. The heavy silver organic form is fronted by a demi- Goddess figure of Indian inspiration, inset with traces of gold. This is a large and heavy ring - front to back approximately 1 1/2 inches: 35 mm. The finger size is UK R: US 8 3/4 Bartosik was born in England but his parents were of Dutch and Czech origin. Between 1946-1967 he lived in Czechoslovakia and worked initially for a costume jewellery manufacturer. On his return to England he joined the workshop of Andrew Grima in London, where he stayed for several years. :Later he became a technician at the Royal College of Art in the Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery Department 1991-2007 (V&A). He is best known for a series of extraordinary architectural cigarette lighters and other small items of exquisite craftsmanship.